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At ECG Security we offer CCTV Surveillance systems that we customize to met the unique needs of your company. The implementation of these systems can provide a means to monitor many high risk areas such as shipping and receiving, parking lots, file rooms and cash areas. The ability to watch employee performance will increase productivity and loss prevention, saving you money.

Our video surveillance systems include state of the art cameras, analog cameras or IP cameras to be used digital video surveillance recording devices. Video surveillance cameras can easily be integrated with access control systems. A professionally designed and installed video surveillance system from ECG Security will help you focus on running your business.


IP Cameras

In the event of your absence, the answer to monitoring your premises and employee activities is by incorporating a surveillance system into your establishment. Surveillance benefits extend beyond what one would consciously imagine.

The implementation of these systems can provide a means to monitor many high risk areas such as shipping and receiving , parking lots, file rooms, cash areas and employee performance, which will increase productivity and benefit loss prevention, ultimately saving you money in the long run.

ECG Security video offers 3 main classes of CCTV instations

  • Small Business / Entry Level
  • Business / Professional
  • Enterprise / Advanced Technologies

Small Business / Entry Level

We will quote affordable CCTV equipment in the entry level or professional range. The cameras in this class will be high resolution with a minimum 480 TVL (Television Lines), colour and have night vision technology with mounted outside. The surveillance system will consist of DVD quality Digital Video Recorders (DVR). Typical analog cameras will be used.

Business / Professional

Similar to small business description above, but all cameras and DVR are the absolute state of the art. Chose the Business / Professional class to receive a quote that has even more options for video transmission quality, data storage, mounting options and security features.

In this wider budget range we also offer IP CCTV system installation, which is a reasonable step for holders of premises that have existing LAN computer networks in place. Our preferred range of IP Security Cameras offer bandwidth saving functionality, which allows the use of our clients existing network in most cases. One further technology that becomes available in this class in the Mega Pixel camera. The video image resolution is at least 4 times greater than that of analog cameras. In some applications this significantly reduces the amount of cameras needed and thereby allows for cost savings in installation and materials.

Enterprise / Advanced Technologies

The state of the art IP CCTV range that we can provide in this category allows us to satisfy any requirement. Our Enterprise solutions covers all CCTV applications that require options such as:
  • Maximum performance on all levels
  • High Definition Video
  • Extreme reliability
  • Seamless feature expansion capability
  • Advanced system integration
  • Video Analytics
  • Custom Design
  • Network video storage with high storage requirements

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*The CCTV system is an affordable means of integrating high-performance security technology


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